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Virtual Power Plant

Connecting renewable energy generators with consumers.


The future of energy is here

The Photon Energy Virtual Power Plant aggregates energy from renewable sources including solar, wind and biogas. We connect renewable energy generators, energy storage facilities, grid operators and consumers into one system, helping everyone benefit from the clean energy transition.

Key Features

Making renewable energy accessible to all


Multiple energy sources ensure a consistent power supply. 


Adjustable power output based on demand and availability. 


Optimised energy distribution to make the best use of resources.  

What is a virtual power plant?

Imagine we have many small power sources, like rooftop solar panels or wind turbines in different locations. They generate electricity, but may be too far apart or unable to produce enough power to meet the needs of a whole community.  Now imagine we could connect all these small power sources together and manage them as if they were a single, larger power plant. That's exactly what our virtual power plant does.  

How It Works

1. Energy Generation

Electricity is generated or supplied from storage. Each source produces power based on its capacity and environmental conditions. 

2. Aggregation

Our VPP aggregates the energy into a unified system. It collects data from each resource, such as their current output and availability. 

3. Optimisation

Software and control systems continuously monitor and optimise energy generartion and consumption to determine the most efficient allocation of resources. 

4. Demand Matching

Generated energy is balanced against current demand. Power output is adjusted based on real-time demand fluctuations, grid requirements and other factors.

5. Grid Connection

The VPP is connected to the electrical grid. This allows the supply of energy to grid-connected consumers. 

6. Distribution

Electricity is transmitted through the grid to energy consumers. 

Sustainable solutions for everyone

Energy Consumers 

The power generated by the virtual power plant can provide a reliable supply of clean, sustainable energy to businesses, households and other energy consumers. 

We also design and build customised on-site solar power generation and storage systems. Depending on their installation and energy needs, consumers can sell any excess energy through our VPP. And the opportunities don’t end there. By participating in our Demand Side Response and capacity market programs, consumers can profit risk-free from possible energy consumption adjustments. 

Energy Generators

For renewable energy generators, our VPP offers a way to offtake, aggregate and optimise the energy produced by your installations, providing a provides a means to efficiently manage and sell energy to consumers. 

We also provide opportunities to adjust output in order to generate additional income. Even small-scale installations can join the Photon Energy Virtual Power Plant and maximise the profits from renewable energy systems such as rooftop solar panels. 

Grid Operators

We can connect grid operators with renewable energy generators and consumers of all sizes. 

Through our DSR and capacity market programs, our VPP can help balance the grid by adjusting power generation and consumption in response to fluctuations in demand or supply, ensuring a stable, smoothly functioning system.

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