Green Energy Offtake

We will buy back the energy you produce at favourable prices.


We set the course for your energy.

We offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for energy offtake to green energy generators who own generation sources such as photovoltaic farms, wind farms, hydroelectric power plants or biogas plants, or are planning to launch them. 

We are the only company to offer a contract combining offtake with technical maintenance (O&M) and additional revenues from the power market. 


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Energy offtake at attractive day-ahead market prices

Additional revenues from the power market

Operation and maintenance of your plant


The only such offer on the market

We are the only company in Poland to offer a solution for stabilising photovoltaic assets and providing system services at the same time, which translates into much safer and more predictable investment management and optimised financial performance.

Additional revenues from the power market

Guaranteed remuneration for on-call power supply.

No risk

We assume the risk associated with the implementation of the power obligation.

Offtake and balancing

We will buy energy from you at attractive prices and provide balancing.

Commercial and technical O&M

We will ensure that your installation is operating at the highest possible efficiency.

Monitoring and control room

You always have access to the data you are interested in and can react to the current situation.

Everything in one place

You can always contact one dedicated person for all matters.


Operations and Maintenance 

Our work doesn’t end when a plant is commissioned. We provide comprehensive O&M and monitoring solutions to keep your installation optimised for years to come. 

Operations and Maintenance by Photon Energy

PV Components 

A photovoltaic installation is only as good as its components. We supply the highest quality PV technology, carefully selected and rigorously tested by our team of experts. 

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